Hebei Art & Design Academy, is the only public full-time higher art academy in Hebei Province that aims to cultivate arts and crafts design professionals. It is founded in 1964, located in Baoding, a famous historical and cultural city. In October 2001, with the approval of Hebei Education Department, Hebei Arts and Crafts School and Hebei University jointly established the Arts and Crafts College of Hebei University. In February 2013, approved by the People's Government of Hebei Province and filed by the Ministry of Education, the College of Arts and Crafts of Hebei University was rebuilt into an independent academy, Hebei Art & Design Academy. In September 2022, with the approval of Hebei provincial government, the college was transferred from the Hebei SASAC to Hebei Education Department for management. The campus covers an area of 241333m², with more than 7800 students and 340 teachers in the academy, 60 of whom are professors and associate professors. Currently the academy has 21 majors and directions, such as environmental art design, exhibition art design, landscape design, public art design, advertising design and production, product art design, fine arts (painting direction), fine arts (sculpture direction), art (calligraphy direction), art education, clothing and apparel design, arts and crafts design, animation design, game design, digital media art design, computer application technology, character image design, jewelry design and crafts, embroidery design and crafts.


Running the school for nearly 60 years, the academy adheres to the fundamental task of "cultivating people by virtue". Taking arts and crafts as the foundation and features, it has cultivated a large number of well-known experts and scholars, masters of arts and crafts workers at home and abroad, and made important contributions to the inheritance of arts and crafts, cultural creativity and the development of arts and crafts industry in China.


Facing the future, Hebei Art & Design Academy will further promote comprehensive reform, high-quality development, connotative upgrading and characteristic running, run a more dynamic, high-quality and characteristic academy, strive to build an art vocational academy with distinctive characteristics, regional leadership, domestic fame and international influence, and make unremitting efforts to train socialist builders and successors with all-round development.

  • Motto

    Virtuous, Artistic, Aesthetic, Innovative

  • Style of Teaching

    Teach with art, educate with loyalty

  • Style of Study

    Diligent, Thoughtful, Ingenious, Practical